N Jekt


Finally a new tool for landscapers, arborists, or plant health care workers!

The Njekt soil injector – a new horticultural tool freshly debuted by Green Pro Solutions at the Baltimore T.C.I.A. conference.

Here we have the Njekt, a new soil injector product developed to take the place of the discontinued Kioritz injector. People in our industry may have used one of those to perform insecticide injections or growth regulators. The issue with that old piece of equipment is that it only put a half an ounce per injection, so it was very limited in its application and uses. You would wear out your palm if you had to use it for a while, pump, pump, pump. This tool, however has a .5 ounce to 10 ounce delivery knob that can be adjusted right up front. So depending on what you are applying, this tool allows you to inject many less holes, or even to fertilize those trees that you might not have been able to soil inject in the past.

We have all had those long properties that do not allow for full treatment due to hose length. Perhaps you had to go to great lengths just to do the farthest bed on the property you were treating, or fertilizing. You had to reel all the hose in, move the vehicle, park in the alley, climb a fence and hope for no traffic for the time you were finishing. The Njekt makes any area accessible. Furthermore, it can turn any vehicle into your plant health care vehicle, without tanks, pumps and hoses! Increasing versatility and effectiveness is a good thing for any tool to accomplish!

The Njekt is an all-aluminum framed tool, with very solid connections and pump cylinder. It is heavy duty and ready for action. The unit comes with a one gallon tank, but for larger projects, can be fitted to a back-pack sprayer, or any tank for that matter. I could see golf-courses using a 25-30 gal tank and 30’ of hose or so, and using the Njekt out of a Gator or tractor bucket. Highly mobile and simple, you supply the pump action with a pull of the handles.

Simply do the math on the product you are going to be using and set the dial in front of the Njekt. For fertilizer, let’s say these shrubs need to be injected with 10 ounces of diluted fertilizer per shrub. I want to set my dial at 2.5 ounces and fertilize all four sides as I go around this bed. It works quickly and easily with Imidacloprid or growth regulators like Short-stop. Simply do the math and load your quantity of material into the tank, add water and make money! No need to dig trenches around your trees and worry about 5 gallon buckets sloshing around, spilling product or having it run out of your trench as you pour this expensive product! Now, 6, 8, 10 injections right around the base, and your tree in done. Do the math, divide the total so you distribute the growth regulator evenly in the circle immediately around the tree’s base, within 2’ft preferably. Now you will see 75-90% less growth for three years, dependably!

We have many clients that are trying to save Hemlocks from Hemlock Wholly Adelgids. This is perfect for foresters and municipalities that have trees well off the beaten path! How can you treat a tree half a mile from a road if you have not got this tool? Before you had to inject them with a trunk injection, or carry heavy buckets and wear yourself out! The Njekt will pay for itself in a short time if this is describing your situation. Soil injections and drenches are about 1/3 as expensive as trunk injections. When you have a lot to treat, this is a no brainer. Emerald Ash Borer in parks or a municipal area same story!

That’s my revue, this tool was long over-due! For more information on the Njekt, contact me cjhall@treedoc.com